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Fall Skincare Routine

Fall is here. We know it’s hard to believe. Even though it doesn’t feel particularly autumnal outside yet, the season officially begins Monday, September 23. That means hayrides, apple picking, holidays, pumpkin everything and sweater weather (we hope!) are fast approaching. It’s important to remember that with changing weather, your skin changes, too. Having a fall skincare routine can help keep your skin healthy and happy throughout fall.  

What is a fall skincare routine? 

You may ask why you need a fall skincare routine, and it’s a valid question. When the weather changes, your skin reacts. For example, when it’s hotter, you’re more likely to sweat, which can clog pores. Drier air can dry out skin, lips and hair. Here in Hendersonville, Tennessee, our average temperatures drop to around 60-70 degrees in October and November—a big change from the high 80s of summer! Adjusting to these weather changes means adjusting your skincare routine to make sure that your skin receives everything it needs as we head into colder months. Use these tips to perfect your routine or create a new one! 

Moisturize accordingly 

Colder weather means drier air. This means that the amount of moisture and water in the air drops, lowering humidity. With this change, you might experience drier skin, hair and lips. To combat this, opt to moisturize more frequently with a thicker moisturizer. You don’t have to bring out your thickest, most moisturizing creams just yet (save those for winter!), but the dip in temperatures will bring less moisture, which you can make up by swapping out some products. You might even consider using a humidifier in your home to return some moisture to the air.  

Exfoliate with care 

Summer is all about exfoliation—getting rid of built up products, sweat and just general dirt from spending so much time outdoors. While it may seem that exfoliation can take a break for fall, it’s important to continue an exfoliation routine. Getting rid of dead skin can help keep you healthy and smooth. While you may have used some heavy-duty exfoliators with larger particles in the summer, opt for a gentle exfoliating scrub to use one or two times a week during autumn, depending on your skin type. 

Also, don’t forget your lips! Chapped lips are common in the fall and winter, since the cooler air can dry them out. Try a lip scrub to get rid of the dead skin that so easily builds up on lips.  

Don’t forget sunscreen 

We know we’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: do not forget your sunscreen. Protection from the sun is a year-round job. You shouldn’t drop the sunscreen just because colder weather approaches. Wearing an SPF every day is one of the best ways to help prevent premature aging, sun damage and skin cancer.  

Book a facial 

What better way to prepare for fall than booking some you-time? A professional can help jumpstart your skin for the new season with a hydrating, relaxing facial or other medical spa treatment. If you’ve never had a facial or treatment, this is the perfect time. Professionally trained aestheticians and board-certified dermatologists are trained to identify and treat issues of the skin. Asking for help with a skin issue or simply enjoying a relaxing moment are all great ways to kick start your autumn.  

To sum it up 

Remember that with colder weather comes changes to your skin. Moisturizing more often, exfoliating gently, remembering sunscreen and asking for some professional help can all keep your skin happy and healthy this fall. Cultivating a fall skincare routine that works for you is an important step at the beginning of the season, so you can enjoy all that fall has to offer while looking and feeling your best. Now, let’s bring out the fall décor! 

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