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Skincare Tips for Men

June is Men’s Health Month. Traditionally, men are less likely to go to the doctor. This can prevent men from getting the healthcare they need. That’s why it’s important to maintain normal healthcare appointments and check-ups. Dermatology is no different. Are you taking care of your skin? If the answer is no, you might want to reconsider. Your skincare doesn’t have to be hard. But your skin should be taken care of like any other part of your body. We’ve compiled a guide to men’s skincare to get you started.  

Why should men care about their skin? 

Men, skincare isn’t just about “looking pretty.” Your skin is an organ. And like any other part of the body, it requires routine care. If you pulled a muscle, you wouldn’t ignore it forever. Your shouldn’t ignore your skin, either. Serious conditions like skin cancer can be overlooked without proper attention and care. In addition, dermatologists can help you manage conditions like psoriasis and eczema. You don’t have to suffer with painful, itchy or frustrating skin conditions.  

Where do you start? 

If you’re taking the steps to care for you skin, you may wonder to begin. First, take the time to notice your skin. Take stock of your skincare routine, if you currently have one. Figure out what’s normal for you. Are you sensitive to any products? Do you sunburn often? What skin type do you have? Here’s a quick guide to skin types to help get you started.  

Do you have to buy a bunch of products? 

So, do you need a ton of new products? The short answer is no. You don’t have to go out and buy the entire pharmacy for your face. However, don’t let stigma hold you back, either. Most skincare products are marketed towards women. But that shouldn’t stop you from purchasing what your skin needs. The market is saturated with products for almost every skin concern. So, it can be confusing to wade through it all. A dermatologist can recommend products for your skin type. That way, you don’t have to get lost in all the options on the market.  

Skincare tips for men 

When it comes to a skincare routine, sometimes less is more. If you’re just getting started, keep it simple. Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be complex or daunting. Here are some skincare tips for men to help you cultivate a routine and keep your skin healthy and happy.  

Wear SPF daily

You should always—and we mean always—wear sunscreen. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 or 95 degrees. Men are more likely to die of melanoma. And sunscreen is essential in preventing skin cancer and premature skin aging. Use a broad-spectrum, 30 SPF sunscreen daily. 

Learn about ingredients

You don’t have to be an expert on skincare ingredients or chemical makeups. But it can be helpful for learn what to stay away from. We just happen to have a guide that may get you started. 

Wash your face after exercise

Most people know to wash their face daily. You should also wash your face after a workout. But it can be difficult to remember and prepare to care for your skin at the gym. Don’t worry, we have a guide for gym skincare, too

Moisturize your skin

Moisturizer is a product that may seem unnecessary. It’s not. In fact, keeping your skin properly hydrated is key to balanced, healthy skin. If you want to simply your routine while keeping hydrated, try a moisturizer with SPF to cut down a step.  

Shave properly

If you shave your face, you might have dealt with the consequences of a bad shave. Not only can it be uncomfortable, it can also damage your skin. Always shave in the direction of hair growth and use a gel or cream to avoid ingrown hairs.  

Perform skin self-checks

We’ve already talked about getting to know your skin. This is an important step for you to perform skin self-checks. These help you take stock of your skin and will give you the ability to notice any changes in your skin. For hard-to-reach places like your back, use a mirror to check on your skin. 

Find a dermatologist

If you have skin concerns, see a dermatologist. Whether you have acne or a suspicious spot, a dermatology provider can check your skin. Men are less likely to go to the doctor, but this can prolong health concerns and make treatment more difficult. If you don’t want to leave your house, you may not have to. Many doctors including Loven Dermatology offer telehealth appointments.  

Skincare for men

Men, are you taking care of your skin? If you’re still weary, know that your skin may be an indicator of your overall health. Need more convincing? Check out our article on links between skin and heart health. Your skincare doesn’t need to be complex, but you do need to take care of your skin. Remember, you should follow a few basic steps like seeing a dermatologist, wearing sunscreen and self-checking your skin. If you need to schedule an appointment or have any skin concerns, call us at 615.859.7546. 

At Loven Dermatology, we are passionate about providing our patients with high-quality, individualized dermatological care and treatment. Our providers offer advanced, personalized care for a wide range of hair, skin and nail conditions. Please call us at 615.859.7546 for more information or to schedule your appointment. 


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