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Chemical Peels Specialist

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Chemical peels are a cosmetic treatment that improves the tone and texture of your skin. Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics in Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, and Springfield, Tennessee, offers a selection of chemical peels to address many skin concerns. The aesthetic team analyzes your skin to determine which chemical peel makes the best choice for you and your beauty goals. Call the office nearest you or schedule your chemical peel consultation online today.


What Are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels improve your appearance by removing the top layer of your skin, revealing the younger, healthier skin underneath.

During a chemical peel, your specialist at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics applies a chemical solution to your skin to get the desired results. Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics offers a full selection of chemical peels to meet a variety of skin concerns.

The team may recommend chemical peels to:

  • Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Treat acne and acne scars
  • Improve skin tone and texture
  • Reduce the appearance of freckles or age spots
  • Brighten the skin

The team may use a chemical peel to treat your face, neck, or hands. 

The dermatology experts may also recommend a chemical peel to treat actinic keratosis, which is a scaly patch of skin that develops on sun-exposed areas and may turn cancerous if not removed. 

What Are The Types Of Chemical Peels?

There are three main types of chemical peels. Each type varies in strength and depth of chemical exfoliation. The types include:

Light Chemical Peel

A light chemical peel uses a mild chemical solution that penetrates the outer layer of your skin. The team may recommend the light chemical peel to refresh your look, smooth out fine lines, and even out your complexion.

Medium Chemical Peel

During a medium chemical peel, your aesthetics specialist applies a stronger chemical solution to your skin, which penetrates the middle layer. 

The medium chemical peel treats deeper wrinkles and scars. 

Deep Chemical Peel

During a deep chemical peel, your provider uses a strong acidic solution that exfoliates deeper layers of skin to remove deep wrinkles and scars, as well as precancerous growths.

What Happens During Chemical Peels?

Your skin care expert at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics customizes your chemical peel treatment during your initial consultation. They review the details of your treatment, including the type of peel you need, what you can expect during the peel, and what happens after.

For example, during light or medium peels, your aesthetician cleanses your skin with an antibacterial cloth and applies the chemical solution to your skin, and then removes or neutralizes it after a set period.

Your skin may be red and swollen following your chemical peel. Your aesthetician applies a soothing moisturizer to ease discomfort and sunscreen to protect your skin.

How Long Is Recovery Following Chemical Peels?

Recovery time following a chemical peel depends on the type of peel, ranging from seven to 21 days. There’s no need for downtime following a light chemical peel, and you can apply makeup immediately following your skin treatment.

For a medium or deep chemical peel, you may have more swelling and redness, and the team suggests you take some downtime following your treatment and not apply makeup for 14 or more days.

Chemical peels smooth and improve the tone and texture of your skin. To schedule your consultation at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.