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Dermaplaning eliminates textural issues by skimming away the hairs and skin cells from the surface of your face. At Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics in Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, and Springfield, Tennessee, the team provides exfoliative dermaplaning services alongside treatments for pigment issues like intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. To schedule a dermatological treatment consultation, call Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics, or request an appointment online today.


What Is Dermaplaning?

Exfoliation, or the removal of dead cells and dirt from the skin’s surface, is a popular mode of regular skin maintenance. 

Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics offers several treatments that serve this purpose, and one of them is dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is mechanical exfoliation using a sterile blade, which skims away the most superficial layer of skin cells.

Dermaplaning’s ability to remove peach fuzz, or vellus hairs, sets it apart from all other exfoliative treatments. Without these hairs, and without the dead, dry, and flaky skin cells, your skin is a smooth canvas ready to be worn bare or with flawless makeup.

What Are The Benefits Of Dermaplaning?

The number of skin flaws and unfavorable features that dermaplaning can minimize might catch you by surprise. After just one dermaplaning procedure, the following features are greatly reduced or absent from your complexion:

  • Acne scars 
  • Dry patches
  • Dull patches
  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Peach fuzz

After dermaplaning, your skin is ready to absorb nutrient-rich products like moisturizers and serums at their full capacity. 

The Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics team can saturate your skin with beneficial ingredients right after the treatment and make helpful product recommendations for you to use at home. 

How Should I Prepare For Dermaplaning?

Your first step for any cosmetic dermatological procedure should be a consultation with a trusted provider. The team at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics examines your skin. They also discuss your medical history, dermatologically and otherwise. 

If you have active acne, they may suggest choosing another procedure or waiting until it goes away to get dermaplaning.

Be sure to avoid sun exposure before your dermaplaning appointment. If you have a sunburn, the treatment is uncomfortable and irritates the skin.

How Can I Enhance My Dermaplaning Results?

Beyond dermaplaning, Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics offers a couple of add-on options for even more flawless skin. The team can discuss the following options with you during your consultation:


Lumecca is an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment that powerfully targets skin discoloration, vascular lesions, and spots. The bright flashes of multiwavelength light also slow your skin’s aging process. 


Vasculaze is a laser treatment that targets the pigment in vascular lesions like port wine stains and spider veins. That further contributes to skin clarity as dermaplaning alone cannot treat features like these. 

If you’re interested in learning more about dermaplaning and other procedures for the skin like Lumecca or Vasculaze, call Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics, or request an appointment online today.