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Facial Contouring Specialist

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Facial contouring is an effective way to eliminate the skin laxity that contributes to jowls, lower face wrinkles, and a small double chin. Using the groundbreaking Evoke system by InMode, Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics can safely treat you with no need for surgical incisions or medicated injections. To set up a consultation for facial contouring, call the office in Goodlettsville, Hendersonville, Gallatin, or Springfield, Tennessee, or book online today.


What Is Facial Contouring?

Short of getting a surgical facelift, facial contouring is a noninvasive procedure that remodels the excess skin and fatty tissue around your face and neck to create a more youthful appearance. 

Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics offers facial contouring using the revolutionary InMode Evoke hands-free radiofrequency system. With this treatment, you can get stunning results with no injections or complicated surgeries. 

How Does Facial Contouring Work?

Facial contouring can highlight your natural bone structure and remove some of the features that lend to an aged appearance. During the treatment, your provider at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics places the hands-free applicator on your cheeks and jaw. 

The headset delivers gentle bipolar radiofrequency, a harmless type of energy, deep into your skin and tissues around the lower face and neck. The energy heats the fibroseptal network, which includes the collagen and elastin fibers suspending your skin and tissues and keeping them taut. Your tissues contract and fatty tissue restructuring occurs. 

Which Areas And Features Can I Remodel With Facial Contouring?

Evoke facial treatments result in less skin laxity and other overall visual improvements in the way your face and jaw look. These treatments tighten skin on your:

  • Cheeks
  • Jowls
  • Chin
  • Jaw

Since the procedure isn’t surgical, and you’re not introducing new products into your tissues like fillers, the results look remarkably natural.

How Many Facial Contouring Treatments Might I Need?

The team at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics examines the treatment area beforehand to decide on the number of sessions you need. The sessions are comfortable and last for 20-45 minutes each, depending on the degree of skin tightening you need to reach the results you want. 

Typically, the team recommends anywhere from 3-6 sessions. While scheduling, you space these sessions about one week apart from each other. You should notice a difference in skin laxity right away after each session, and you won’t need any downtime or time away from work. 

Am I A Good Candidate For Facial Contouring?

During an initial consultation at Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics, the team helps you decide if you’re a good candidate for Evoke facial contouring based on your health and goals. 

Fortunately, Evoke can serve a wide range of people because there are no safety risks associated with the procedure. 

You might consider Evoke facial contouring as your treatment of choice if you struggle with wrinkles in the lower face, jowls, or a double chin. It’s a great option for those who would rather not resort to surgery to reach their aesthetic goals.

To learn more about Evoke facial contouring and find out if it’s the best choice for you, call Loven Dermatology + Aesthetics, or book an appointment online today.